Welcome to ScanParts Co. Ltd.

Your regional aircraft partner

Since 1997, ScanParts have focused our efforts on the Regional Aircraft market. Throughout the years, we have steadily increased our inventory of components, consumables and tools, covering the elder and new generation of midsize jet and turboprop aircrafts.

Beyond investing in parts and acting as a stockist supplier, ScanParts is providing a range of services such as Consignment Agreements, IP Contracts, Exchange and Leasing as well as the Distribution of OEM & PMA parts.

ScanParts is and was involved in a wide range of projects within the Regional Aircraft market. We have supported various operators from main land to islands operations, arctic flights, courier cargo transport, medical and rescue missions to racing car teams, all requiring a non standard supply solution.

In relation to any subject of purchase, exchange and sales of aircraft components and parts, we shall remain your Regional Airline Partner.