Still many European Regional Operators are “locked up” into so called “Flight Hour Agreements” which formerly were known as “PBH” agreements. Since 1997 ScanParts has assisted several operators to reduce the all over component maintenance costs by having own inventories and by processing own MRO external orders.

Within the past 2 years and based on almost 15 years of experience ScanParts is pleased to announce that operators for SF340, BAe/RJ, ATR and EMB120 can reduce its component costs wil up to 30 percent in preference to any “Flight hour agreement”.

“What we hear from the operators is that Flight Hour Agreements makes our Financial Dept. happy as of budgetary reasons having a clear fixed monthly amount for our calculation and planning. However ScanParts believes that the reduction of actual cost per flight hour should have higher priority to the operator than to please and ease the work of the accounts” says L. Goransson, MD at ScanParts.

ScanParts is among the largest stockists of components and parts for Regional Aircrafts in Europe and we welcome any operator that may require any alternate proposal for component support prior to renewal of its “Flight Hour Agreement”.